MPs Divided Over Monthly Cash Contributions To Political Prisoners

Detained MPs Allan Ssewanyana And Muhammad Ssegirinya

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Detained MPs Allan Ssewanyana And Muhammad Ssegirinya

Members of parliament more so those from the opposition National Unity platform are not on the same page regarding a proposal to contribute atleast 2 million of their parliamentary salary towards the families of political prisoners rotting in different prisons in Uganda.

A proposal by Nakaseke South MP Paul Ssemakula has triggered divisions among legislators. According to Lutamaguzi instead of negotiating with the government as suggested by Kimanya-Kabonela and three time presidential aspirant Dr Abed Bwanika, opposition should just find ways of supporting such families instead of sitting down with their tormentors.

Paul Lutamaguzi

Many supporters of National Unity platform remain incercerated in known prisons others in unknown detention facilities, they were kidnapped by the famous Drone cars after the 18-19th November 2020 riots that left over 50 dead and hundreds nursing bullet injuries.

Those known so far are Kawempe North legislator Muhammad Ssegirinya and Makindye West MP Allan Ssewanyana who have been in jail to close to 6 months battling charges of murder of people in Masaka region using machetes dubbed “the Bijambiya”.

Those opposed to the move by Lutamaguzi who is set to present the proposal to NUP principal Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu at the party secretariat is Busujju county MP David Kalwanga Lukyamuzi who says individuals MPs should contribute willingly to the cause since they also have many other obligations in their respective constituencies.

The Verbal Nakaseke South legislator Paul Lutamaguzi has always donated his salary to different causes, at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic in Uganda, he wrote to the then speaker of parliament Rebecca Kadaga indicating that Shs 2 millions off his salary should go towards supporting government’s efforts in combatting the pandemic.

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