After Mabirizi, Justice Musa Sekaana Goes After Dreaded Lawyer Ssemakadde

Lawyer Isaac Ssemakadde

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Lawyer Isaac Ssemakadde

As police confirmed the arrest of Lawyer Mabirizi who was arrested in Banda at Kyambogo University gate, another lawyer is in trouble for offensive communication and speaking ill against Justice of the Kampala high court Musa Sekaana.

Sekaana brought Mabirizi to his knees in just two weeks, first he ordered him to pay a fine of Shs300 millions then after one week as the perennial litigant was spitting fire over the fine, he was sentenced to 18 months behind the maximum-security gates of Kitalya Prison.

However, in summon seen by this website addressed to Lawyer Isaac Ssemakadde of the Legal Brains Trust, the dreaded lawyer is expected to appear at the CID headquarters in Kibuli on 28th February 2022.

The self-proclaimed legal rebel has been trending in the past few days after destroying Kampala central legislator Muhammad Nsereko whom he called a fool, a dimwit and conman during a popular TV show dubbed ON THE SPOT that airs every Thursday on NTV.

Ssemakadde Summoned By Police

However while responding to the summon, Semakadde said he will give Justice Ssekaana a lesson where other judicial officers will learn to respect the sovereignty of citizens.

“Justice Sekaana will soon get his comeuppance. Other will then learn from him to maintain judicial decorum and respect the sovereignty of the citizen in a constitutional democracy.”-Said Ssemakadde

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