Dr Ssebunya’s Midnight Duties Yield as Rema Gives Birth


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Dr Hamza Ssebunya must be the happiest at the moment after speculations have been settled on when his wife Rema will give him a baby three years down the road of their marriage.

The two legalized their bonking officially in November 2019 but ever since then there has never been any signs and symptoms that Rema is either crazing for clay soil or raw mangoes which tell that a woman has swallowed a live seed.

Rema Namakula pregnancy
Rema Namakula pregnancy

After serious work between the sheets, Rema Namakula has finally settled the unanswered questions by parading her baby bump of a pregnancy which is about 9 months after reportedly giving birth to a baby girl sparking congratulatory messages allover social media.

Hamza Looks At His New Bundle of Joy
Hamza Looks At His New Bundle of Joy

Before jumping on another marriage journey with Sebunya, Rema was singer Eddy Kenzo’s wife and the two have a baby girl named Aamaal but their four-year-old marriage ended in premium tears after it was alleged Kenzo was seeing a flock of other women rendering Rema’s honeypot redundant until she hooked Dr Ssebunya to save her from the cold nights.

The couple has since named the baby girl Aaliyah Ssebunya.

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