One of Uganda’s fierce General formerly David Tinyefunza and now David Sejusa has warned Ugandans against embracing the Muhoozi project that seven years ago caused him trouble leading to his self exile and loosing his parliamentary job where he was representing the army in the 9th parliament.

In a message posted on his Facebook page, Sejusa says Ugandans should with all avenues in their reach reject Balaam’s Muhoozi project which is aimed at placing first son Muhoozi on the political table to replace his father in the coming years.

According to Sejusa, it’s crystal clear that Museveni’s son whose capacity can’t even run a village LC1 office in Rwakitura can’t be Uganda’s president after his father.

His comment comes at a time when city events promoter Balaam Barugahare has hyped the Muhoozi project and insists he has to be president of this country after his father citing examples of countries like the US, Mali and Kenya First sons have had chance to replace their fathers as presidents.

It should be remembered that Sejusa fled the country in 2013 after his cryptic letter to the media informing Ugandans that there was an inside plan with in the Museveni family to groom his son for presidency after him.

His letter caused anarchy at the Red Paper Publications in Namanve and The Monitor Publications in Namuwongo as government stormed the two media houses, shut them down for weeks over the said Sejusa letter.

General Sejusa would later loose his parliamentary job the same year and returned from self-exile in 2014 from London where he had sought rescue. He’s still a serving UPDF General and all his pleas to be retired have met a dead end for the last 10 years.

It’s only time that will tell if Sejusa’s claims of Muhoozi replacing his father would become a reality as it picks momentum every other day that passes.

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