Bobi Wine While Appearing On TV

National Unity Platform party president Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu alias Bobi Wine has categorically said he owes no one an apology over his unruly social media gang and armies who shower other leaders especially in opposition with insults.

While addressing the media last Monday, Dr Kiiza Besigye revealed to the media that he called Bobi Wine to at least talk to his supporters and leaders on social media who were showering him, other comrades in the new formation with insults.

“I got a message from Kyagulanyi and he said he regrets the on-going senseless attacks on this front. Some people have been asking me why he has not done that publicly and I don’t know why but I leave that to him”- Dr Besigye said while responding to a question from a journalist who asked why Mr Kyagulanyi has not made a public statement urging the opposition supporters to cease fire on the new pressure group

However, Bobi Wine while appearing in a morning show at the Serena Based TV station NTV as he was highlighting on a few happenings in the country clarified that he’s not charge of the public that he could reach out to each of them and ask them to cease fire.

Bobi Wine further revealed that he has reached out to several leaders privately to restrain from attacking fellow opposition leaders especially those that formed the People’s Front for Transition dubbed the red card front with Besigye.

He also revealed that leaders ought to have intellectual honesty where they do what they preach, sighting that Dr Besigye has always failed to tell his supporters from hurling insults at Bobi Wine supporters simply because he has no control over them so it’s not easy to reach out to supporters especially on Facebook to restrain from doing something.

Bobi Wine also revealed that Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) leaders like Nandala Mafabi, Salaam Musumba and the party president Patrick Oboi Amuriat have always directly attacked NUP but no one has ever brought them to order.

He however says it’s not good for change seeking Ugandans to fight themselves because it’s a win for the dictator they are all fighting.

“Any fights with in the forces of change will produce no winner. These fights only benefit President Museveni, when he sees us against each other, it sends him on holiday”- Bobi wine noted