Corporal David Ssali In a Green T-shirt Who Shot Sebulime.  CREDIT URN

On the eve of a dark Sunday of 24th March 2019 while the then State Minister for ICT and Kayunga women representative Idah Nantaba was buying fruits at a roadside market around Ssinda after Sezibwa saw a motor cycle rider who from her instincts appeared to be a dangerous person.

The rider who was inquiring about the location of Kabimbiri immediately sped off at a high speed towards Mukono direction but was given a tough chase by the hon minister to Nagalama Police Station where she alerted the police and also dropped her body guard. She again tried to give the suspected rider a further chase in the direction of Mukono but all in vain.

However, the 999 crew from Mukono that responded to the earlier emergency call from Nagalama police station, intercepted the alleged suspects after they hit a road hump and fell off. The crew concentrated on the rider Ssebulime who was carrying a bag, chased and after a few warning shots in the air, the suspect stopped and surrendered to the police who arrested him to the police vehicle.

The stranger, who he was carrying to guide him to St. Andrew Kagwa for vistation also disappeard and wad not traced, after arresting the rider Sebulime he was put on a waiting police patrol vehicle UP5745 but shortly removed from the police vehicle while handcuffed and shot dead by an officer after receiving an order in a call from somewhere.

This incident was followed by police arresting the patrol commander No, 51543 Cpl Ssali Edward, and other two crew members No.50162 PC Opira Ronald and No.5729 PC Baganza Ronald for trying to conceal evidence and the true facts of the events surrounding the killing of Ronald Sebulime yet the eye witnesses at Nagojje trading center narrated the true recounts of the events at the scene.

Ronald Sebulime

The above events were followed by court proceedings at Mukono Magistrates Court that were lodged by Sebulime’s family against the then Junior Minister alleging she was responsible for the killing and also the arrested Police cops who ended the life of the father of two who was instead going to visit his children at school but mistaken as a criminal.

However, the DPP then Mike Chibita advised the police to try the police constables in the police Disciplinary Unit since their cimmander, Corporal Ssali had confessed to the crime and ballistic report proved that it was his gun that was used to kill Ssebulime. DPP also subsequently withdrew murder charges against Nantaba.

Corporal Ssali who was attached to Naggalama police station was charged before grade one magistration Mariam Nalugya in April 2019 and remanded to Luzira prison after he had reportedly recorded an extrajudicial statement in regards to the shooting leaving the other officers free since who were accomplices to the murder.

However, during security’s joint press briefing held at police headquarters, CID spokesperson Charles Twine has told media that Corporal David Ssali was convicted and sentenced to 20 years in prison on murder after over whelming evidence against him from prosecution.

The conviction has come at a time when President Museveni is routing for an eye for an eye narrative against murder suspects and reports indicate that cabinet has already given green light to the highly contested no bail for murder suspects to be tabled soon in parliament, a move that has met stiff resistance from human rights activists.