Former minister of Integrity and chairperson Citizens’ Coalition for Electoral Democracy (CCEDU) Miria Rukoza Koburunga Matembe has in a video making rounds on social media blasted President Museveni for messing up the country and run it like him matrimonial home.

This was in her reply during an interview with a local Television when asked about the Muhoozi project which is intended to prepare the Commander Land forces and first son Muhoozi Keinerugaba to take over from his office for Uganda’s top most job.

However, her response has raised mixed reactions when she confirmed that she’s not like others who think the Muhoozi project is a joke but a reality bound to happen if Ugandans continue taking it lightly. Matembe says all the signs point at Museveni preparing his son to take over from him when he happens to retire from active politics or when his creator calls him.

The tough talking Miria Matembe says it’s stupidity of the highest order for African presidents to have sons replace them for presidency. She goes ahead and blast Museveni for always appointing his wife Janet Museveni as minister for Education. She goes ahead it’s wrong for him to think his wife is the only one who is fit for the education sector which is slowly dying out.

“The woman is older than me, she would be in the house taking care of her grandchildren, but you see her following the husband that they are giving us reports as if there are no other Ugandans who can do that…” says Matembe

The former Museveni minister claims it’s wrong for Museveni to always run the country together with his family members and it’s the reason why the country is messed up.