JUST IN: See Museveni’s Furious Statement On Gen Katumba’s Shooting


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Katumba While speaking to the Media from his sick bed

President Yoweri Museveni has lashed out at the killers of Gen Katumba Wamala’s Daughter and driver who left the former Works Minister with injuries as he was driving through Kisaasi to attend burial of a relative in Najjanankumib along Entebbe road.

The president through his tweeter handle has issued a statement on the incident calling the killers pigs and heaping praise to Katumba’s body guard who by shooting in the air scared away the killers.

According to the president, the body guard should have at least shot any of the killers instead of shooting in the air and by doing this, the could would be celebrating his brave act while staring at the dead body of at least any of the killers whom he referred to as terrorists in his statement.

“I wish Gen. Katumba a quick recovery. The bodyguard should not have shot in the air. He should have shot to kill. We could be having a dead terrorist instead of scaring away the terrorists. His shooting saved Gen. Katumba by scaring the criminals away”- tweeted Museveni.

The president however wished the humble General Katumba a quick recovery and promised and also assured the country that his government like it has always done will deal with this criminality and also bring the assailants to book since investigations so far have a clue on the killers he referred to as PIGS who don’t value human life.

“We shall defeat the criminals as we did in the past. We already have clues to those killers. Besides, the new system of digital beacons on all vehicles and Boda Bodas will eliminate the misuse of vehicles and Boda Bodas to commit crime”- says Museveni


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