Grief as NUP District Chairman Found Hanged on a Tree


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Ffeffekka Serubogo Muhammad

The people of Kayunga district have woken up this morning Wednesday in Shock after finding their district local government chairman Ffeffekka Serubogo Muhammad who contested on a National Unity Platform (NUP) ticket hanging on a tree.

The sudden and terribly shocking death news of Mr. Serubogo have prompted mixed reactions in people as no official commination has come out from the authorities by press time.

Mr. Serubogo has been described as a very vocal person against corruption and land grabbing in Kayunga.

According to the information released by the National Unity Platform official Twitter handle indicates that they are getting mixed messages from the people on ground.

“He was found hanging on a tree. For now we are getting mixed messages from the people on ground”.

we shall keep you posted on this story

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