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Video: Museveni Money Makes Eddy Kenzo Speak in Tongues

Eddy Kenzo Meeting Museveni

Singer Eddy Kenzo who has been in the media for weeks over his demands to have the motor mouthed Muslim Sheikh Nuhu Muzaata apologise to him over his statements he made during Rema’s Kukyala early this month has twisted his energies to supporting Museveni’s bid to extend his stay in Uganda to 40 years.

The embattled singer who went to state house with an opposing mind of Museveni’s regime where he even composed a song titled System Volongoto came out of state house singing songs of praise and warship to Museveni after he pocketing some dime that has since then made him start speaking in tongues.

During his press conference today at Mestil Hotel in Nsambya, he revealed his love for president Museveni and vowed never to associate himself with people power or Bobi wine.

Many Musicians who have sold their souls to Museveni end up struggling to stage concerts, a case in point Musicians who featured in Museveni’s Tubonga nawe song in 2016 faced a hard time to reap from concerts in Uganda until they went back to Museveni for more offers.

This comes at the heels of Museveni appointing faded Musician Catherine Kusasira and Butcherman on his list of advisers in a bid to counter Bobi wine who has proved to him as a big threat ahead of the 2021 general elections.

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