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Video: I was Used And Dumped But Making a Come back- Says Maggie Kayima-Nabbi Omukazi

Maggie Kayima aka Nabbi Omukazi

For the past three years you must have thought Maggie Kayima popularly known as Nabbi Omukazi went to middle East for Kyeyo, I guess it right. She’s still in Uganda though living a low life compared to what she was leaving then when she was a big brand.

Marggie Kayima came to the limelight when she released her first single title Nabbi Omukazi after being picked up by city pastor Yiga of Augustine Yiga of Revival church Kawala and also proprietor of ABS television, they launched a relationship with bonking feasts that later broke up four years ago.

Pastor Yiga and Nabbi Omukazi unfinished bonking war still exist up to now despite Maggie Kayima being off the scene. Yiga parted ways with Maggie after she accused him of sexually harassing female church worshipers and having tubeless bonking sessions with members of the revival band.

The two engaged in a serious war of words which forced Maggie Kayima to sleep with the devil in a shrine to punish the celebrated city pastor whose television station ABS in unexpected turn of events premiered a video of her seeking help from a witch doctor with her sister Bena Namisinga performing black art ritual with their clothes off.

However, the once big artist has revealed she has been in Uganda doing her businesses with her sister Benna Namisinga in Kampala, she reveals how she requested Pastor Yiga to calm down the battle because it was affecting her and because of pressure she decided to take a break from the music industry.

In some un-known revelation, Maggie Kayima reveals she has been an NRM die-hard when she was 11 years and its president Museveni who paid for her tuition until she finished school and she used to do what Bebecool and Catherine Kusasira are doing now.