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Seven West Nile Primary Schools Progress To The National Performing Arts Festival 2023

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By Hillary Alithum

The Westnile Adungu Region primary schools performing arts festival that was born in 2016 with numerically appalling participants from Arua Municipality and Madi-Okollo areas has to date grown exponentially, engulfing the 15 districts of Westnile Region with about 10 different ethnicities.

Zombo district was home to 11 schools from across the five political units of Adjumani, Koboko, Terego ,Arua City and Nebbi that participated in the two days vigorous Performing Arts .The Festival that featured presentations of Folk songs ,poems and Dramas on the four Themes ; Birth Registration, Mass action against malaria,Oral health ,Water , sanitation and hygiene, flagged off seven(7)best schools to represent Westnile Region in the National performing arts festival 2023 in Hoima City.

The industrious and zealous schools that above – board emerged victorious with numerous trophy accolades and certificates of merits affirming excellence in presentations of any of the 12 items tabled for adjudication were Oasis primary school -Arua city, St.Thereza primary, Adjumani, Awindiri primary -Arua city, Arua Public primary-Arua city , Padwot Primary – Nebbi ,Liria Primary – Terego and Teremunga- Koboko respectively.

Ms. Lagua Florence ,The Chairperson of Westnile Adungu Region primary schools Performing Arts festival ,articulated the need to engage learners in music festival, “it’s very necessary for children to participate in music festival, there are a lot of things they do and it trains them to be leaders ,makes them confident and influences socialization” Lagua told ultimate news.

The four teamed body of adjudicators honorably bowed to the above average level of performance exhibited by all the elven schools that participated in the festival and waved success at the 7 schools advancing to National performing arts festival.

Ms. Adong Sarah Santa ,The chief adjudicator of the festival commended the talents and skills of the participants,”
performance was so good especially in western set pieces ,drama ,folk songs and dances then instrument al composition ,I encourage them to go and perform well in the National music festival in Hoima city” Adong said .

Mr. Jalar Silvio Fred , Zombo district inspector of Schools who represented the District Education Officer rallied schools to aid development of talents and skills co- currently with cognitive domain- impartation of knowledge to secure a conducive learning environment for the technologically shaped learners.

Superficially to the advantages of the Regional performing Arts festival, resource mobilization , lobbying strategies , Regional and district stakeholders, advocacy structure are non existential, momentarily derailing the golden goose chase of ethnic unification in diversity through socialization in cultural festivals.

Mr.Obiyayi Ombere Raymond, Arua city Education Officer remarked that the Region should facilitate the 7 seven school s,” after the Regional competition, the winning teams that are supposed to represent the region in the National festival still becomes responsibility of the districts yet this should have been responsibility of the region ,our biggest challenge has been lack of structures at the Regional level, last year when we formed DEO association, we built the structure, that we would like to fit into Westnile Development Agency ,WENDA” ,Ombere remarked in a media brief.

The West Nile Adungu Region primary schools performing arts festival that is awakening and revitalizing deadening cultural values of the over 10 ethnic groups in Westnile Region and the Refugee communities has from 2016 through to 2023 registered increase in level of performances of participating schools from the over 6 districts and affiliation fees of now about 900,000shs from the insignificant 100,000shs per participating school.

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