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Laws That Were Removed And Gave Life To Toxic Behavior In Uganda

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Laws are created as deterrent measures to curb crime, misconduct and injustice. Every country institutes these laws by the constitution, penal codes and statutory instruments. As Ugandans slumber into an unruly environment, unscrupulous characters have utilised this period in time to wipe out some of the laws that would render society sane.

It is well known that in 2019 the fallen Pastor Bugingo of House of Prayers Ministry had the law on parents paying fees for children tampered with when he was sued for refusing to pay school fees. In the ruling it was pointed out that children 18 years and above were adults and therefore were not eligible to parental support. This law never took into account that the Ugandan education system can retain a child for 20 years or so before graduating them.

The same fallen Pastor tampered with the law against bigamy by lying under oath and further mocking it by allowing his illegal wife to take on his name’s. This set a bad precedence for stray husband’s who wanted to take advantage of the existing status quo.

In the case of MC Casmir an NBS TV presenter being caught committing adultery in 2021. It was ruled that adultery was not a crime and has trended as such. This allows for open marriages to prevail in Uganda amidst the ever growing HIV/Aids rates and child neglect cases.


Other laws that have been overhauled and cause a store are around governance in the country. Removal of deterrent measures only means Ugandans have to embrace the rot and all it’s consequences.

Sadly under all those circumstances church authorities, national level elders and the Ministry of Ethics as well as Parliament remain silent, as moral decadence prevails. One would wonder why?

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