NRM’s Francis Babu

Yesterday the junior minister for relief, disaster preparedness and refuges Ms Esther Anyakun confirmed that a request from White house of Uganda to host at least 2000 refugees from Afghanistan had been accepted by president Museveni since Uganda has a long history of hosting refugees from across the continent.

Afghanistan fell into the hands of the Taliban Terrorist who’ve fought to take power for the past 20 years since 2001. Things became worse when America withdrew its troops, the rebels advanced to the capital after taking over several cities across the mountainous country, this was followed by fleeing of the president Ashraf Ghani and later the terrorists took over the presidential palace.

The lethal fighters have since changed the country’s name to Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan that will be governed on the Islamic values of Shariya law. Many Afhanis are scampering to free the country for fear of being under this tough rule or being persecuted for their close ties with the Americans.

Uganda’s acceptance to host the 2000 Afghani refugees has since sparked debate with many questionings why of all countries, Uganda was quick to welcome them. Of these who are not happy with the decision is National Resistance Movement big man Francis Babu who says Uganda has enough problems to solve than concentrating on housing refugees in addition to the over one million from the neighbors South Sudan, Burundi, Rwanda, DR Congo, Somalia among others.

“America has enough States to take just 2000 refugees, why are they pushing us to take them? We have already paid a price for being in Somalia, do we want more? Francis Babu, NRM Member”. Says Francis Babu while being hosted at NTV Uganda.

It’s reported the refugees are set to be temporarily hosted in Uganda at Namboole stadium before being relocated to another country probably the United States.