Tibuhaburwa Misses On Museveni’s Official Campaign Portrait


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NRM SG- Lumumba Kasule Unveiling Museveni’s Portrait

Few days ago through a deed poll as a requirement from the Byabakama electoral commission, president Museveni Museveni who is seeking to extend his rule to 40 years introduced a little known name of Tibuhaburwa which caused mixed reactions.

It left many asking why the president for all the years he has ruled Uganda never introduced his Tibuhaburwa name which has since not been added to his official names in the national voters registers.

Museveni’s Deed poll

Over the weekend the NRM Secretary General Justine Lumumba Kasule along side other Museveni crusaders unveiled his official portrait which has Yoweri Kaguta Museveni and left out the Tibuhaburwa name which has since caused mixed reactions in the political corridors ahead of the 2021 general elections.

According to former Makerere Don Prof Oweyegha Afunaduula who went to the University of Dar-el-Salaam where Museveni also went though his papers continue being demanded for public but all in vein says the NRM God-father joined the University as Yoseri Tibuhaburwa Rutabasirwa Buzariranwa Museveni Kayibanda. We are yet to know why the Tibuhaburwa name is not appearing on his official portrait to popularize it among the electorates.

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