See What Mezut Ozil Has Said After Being Left Out Of Arsenal Squad


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Mezut Ozil

Few days ago former Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger was quoted in an exclusive interview blaming the current leadership at Arsenal for sidelining the 2014 world cup winner Mezut Ozil whom he purchased from Spanish giant Real Madrid in 2013.

However, the attacking mid-fielder despite earning a weekly 350,000 Pound pay has been rendered jobless from Mikel Arteta’s games a situation that has caused tension at Arsenal and mixed reactions from the fans.

To make matters worse, while submitting their 2020-21 premier league squad to the premier league for confirmation, Ozil was left out even with 8 months to the end of his high paying contract.

Claims from the backroom suggest that Ozil met his fate when he refused to wear the #BlackLivesMatter marked jerseys in argument that even Moslems being mistreated in China and other countries matter a lot which didn’t please the crusaders of the black lives matter in Europe’s top flight.

However, in a strong worded message to Arsenal and his fans, Ozil maintains he’s not moved with the decision to sideline him and leaving him out the squad, he will continue training as required though he feels betrayed by the club he has paid allegiance to over the years.

This is a difficult message to write to the Arsenal fans that I’ve played for over the past few years. I’m really deeply…

Posted by Mesut Özil on Wednesday, October 21, 2020




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