Video: Pastor Bujingo Dragged To Court For Abandoning His Family


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Pastor Bujingo with wife Teddy-FILE PHOTO

Word on the street has it that city Pastor who owns House Of Prayer Ministries Aloysious Bujingo has been dragged to court by his embattled wife Teddy Naluswa Bujingo for neglecting her, failure to provide for his children and domestic violence

Whoever thought the battle is about divorce and sharing church property only is wrong since the longtime lover to Bujingo has re-ignited the struggle either to have her man back from Suzan Makula or sharing portion of Bujingo’s love.

It’s reported that Bujingo abandoned his marital home and settled for his wife to be Teddy Naluswa denying his wife conjugal rights and above all neglecting his own children reads part of the suit.

This is evidenced in a leaked audio recorded after court in which Pastor Bujingo was recorded allegedly beating up his children calling them “Emizimu” because they had been recording the court proceedings. The audio has since gone viral on social media and his daughter is heard crying and begging her mother and others who has escorted them to enter the car and leave as the Musumba (Bujingo) is heard beating her

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