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PAUL KIRIMI WANDA: Why Developing Economies Are Moving Slowly To Prosper And Flourish

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Most countries are practicing capitalist type of economy where individuals own goods and services. A private led economy where individuals are largely in charge. This type of economy is good and bad at the same time. It is good for economies that are developed, for a society that knows what to do because they are not only educated but also civilized!

A developing economy like ours in Uganda needs tight control, regulation and direction. Our people have a long way to get civilized. Surprisingly, even our elites are yet to learn a lot of things because they come from societies that are still backward. For instance, an economist, with a Ph. D, whose family is rural, with a peasant background etc may take longer to know nittys and gritties in enhancing growth and development at household, societal or national level!

Some Ugandans are getting a bit of some money today. I hope the trend will continue even when World Bank stops giving us their money. However, some of these Ugandans who are getting a bit of some money are misusing the money, their resources!

We ought to be patriotic, nationalistic and sensitive to not only our needs and demands but also to demands of our societies where we live and work. We should be selfless as opposed to being selfish. We should be proactive and productive for ourselves but also for the community and country at large!

Buying a car worthy hundreds of millions, yet one that costs less is equally good is wastage of resources! Some people may counteract that certain vehicles are bought for security reasons, comfort etc. Granted, it is God who keeps His own.

The rungs of society have no form of security but quite often live a long enjoyable life! Instead of buying a car of hundreds of millions you can buy a car of less than sh. 100 million  Ug.X  but slightly more than sh. 80 million Ug. X Such a car can be good, really, I imagine!  Then, you can use the rest of the money to come up with a dispensary or a school in your society that can create employment opportunities but also help the society to get quick medical care and education respectively etc  or any other thing that can help a community to uplift their welfare, standard of living etc

The wealthy, i.e. according to Uganda’s standards should help the others in their society to better their lives in many other ways. For instance, one of the bottlenecks hindering socio – economic growth and development in our country is reproductive health system! Most of our people marry and produce naturally, in ways that are never planned at all!


As a matter of fact, most people in Uganda are produced as a result of pleasure, not intentional planned family. It is usually after having good time in bars, discotheques etc and other places of entertainment that casual lovers end up in bed, which in most cases results into producing a child, who may end up suffering on this planet Earth that is full of injustice… Mr. Rich, Madam Rich, help our people to live better life too. Build a school, a hospital, vocational institute or sensitize the youth in living better life by enabling them to engage in money generating projects etc etc!

Paul Kilimi Wanda

The Writer Is a Teacher Of English Language, Literature in English and General Paper

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