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Poor Road Network hinders Operations In Budaka Town Council

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By Waiswa Eric
Residents in Budaka town council are weeping due to poor roads that are becoming impassable. Roads in the town have been washed away by rain and deep potholes have curtailed the road.

According to Takabasa Ronald one of the Boda boda cyclist told us that these potholes have become spotlight for accident Takabasa pointed out the road which connects to parliament bar where the District boss sleep and one that connect to the main market are in in crappy state.Local leaders have paid death ear despite of several reports to the local leaders.”Taxes are collected from us but i don’t know why town council roads are not maintained Tikabasa added”.

A vendor only identified as Faridah also grumbled ,she said that revenue is collected from vendors, but leaders have not utilized the funds to rehabilitate the roads, the roads re full of potholes, full of stagnant water, this has hindered the transportation of goods to the market.

“its unfortunate that the roads in the town were last constructed in 2014 and no rehabilitation has taken place.”Faridah has taken a blame to leader who dont mind yet they see these roads. The mayor Mr Mukose Rogers said that a budget to rehabilitate the roads is yet to be out this financial year, and these roads are in plan.

The LC5 Budaka Mr. Pajje Emmanuel says that lack of funds has delayed the maintenance but soon will be worked on. He added that the district Development plan 2023-2040 has been owned to guide urban development and planning. The district physical Development plan was brought by the ministry of lands, housing and urban development.(MOLHUD)

According to the District Resident commission Mr Magunda George said that Budaka town its true some roads are poor but this has been caused by rain which have trashed the roads. Water drainages should be put in place to prevent this water from shattering the roads .Magunda added that Budaka lack piped water this should be addressed.


What you need to know
Budaka town council is situated close to the villages Tademeri, Nansanga, Kabuna, Chali, Kazinga Butove and Macholi respectively. Tirinyi-Mbale high class marrum road forms part of the town council benefits from the services of Tirinyi- Mbale highway, which is one of the best major tarmac roads in the country.

25.5 percent the roads in Budaka are in poor condition, However, it should be noted that currently the following organisations are funding the road sector. Central government releases, Local revenue, and NGO/Donor FADEP and CAIIP.

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