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Gov’t Tasked On Improved And Effective Service Delivery At FABIO’s Community Baraza

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Government two years ago launched the Parish Development Model (PDM) in an event that was graced by the president in Kibuku district in the Bukedi sub-region. The project aimed at lending Shs100m per parish in different parish SACCOs.

The PDM would later be seen as a game changer to shifting the wanainchi from subsistence to the money economy since money is only given to those in the agriculture value chain in different projects of poultry, piggery, among others. With each person getting Shs1m only repayable after 3 years, this could do something to their pockets.

The First African Bicycle Organization (FABIO) in conjunction with the Uganda NGO forum with support from USAID held a community Baraza where several matters surrounding service delivery were discussed with the community of Nakalama in Iganga Municipality.

These and many other Barazas organized by FABIO are intended to mobilize people on their civic rights ahead of the 2026 general elections whose roadmap is already out. The organization also urges people to put their leaders to task and account for the money they receive from government to offer services to their electorates.

Speaking at the event, different people raised matters that needs government’s urgent intervention to improve service delivery.

Gonza Bahati the Leader of Young persons with disability urged government to consider the plight of Nakalama health centre which she says it’s just beautiful on the outside but no drugs with the quality of services still lacking. Gonza says they’re no drugs in the medical facility which makes it to look good for nothing.

Tibata Geoffrey the NIRA sub county supervisor urged residents to register with NIRA to obtain National IDS such that they’re in the voters register and take part in the next general elections slated for 2026.

Speaking at the same event, Iganga district LC5 Chairperson Ezra Gabula revealed that majority of the PDM beneficiaries are hiding and don’t want to come out and don’t want to be known in their villages. Gabula further says the PDM beneficiaries keep silent and continue pretending as if they didn’t pocket any money and this portrays and impression that nobody received the PDM money.

He was responding to comments that PDM money was only given to those who are well off. Gabula said he would next time come with a clear list of beneficiaries that will help him to follow up claims that PDM money went to the rich people and not those who needed it. He further urged FABIO to continue with the civic mobilization and also distribute the electoral roadmap to people ahead of the next general election.

Joy Kawanguzi speaking on behalf of FABIO urged the community to continue practicing their civic right, task their leaders to be accountable and also agitate for good services. She further urged leaders to put their campaign promises to reality for improved service delivery.

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