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Kaabong District Chairperson Challenges Colleagues To Be Karamoja’s Solution Not Problem

Kaabong: The Chairperson of Kaabong district Jino Meri has urged his counterparts the district chairpersons across Karamoja region to stop being lamenting leaders about Karamoja problems but work hard and create a change in region.

Photo Of Jino Meri The Kaabong District LCV Chairperson

Jino who rallied other district chairpersons in region to reject iron sheets that were offered for them by the minister for Karamoja Dr Marry Goreti Kitutu that turned to be a problematic bonanza spoke to this website on saying Karamoja to change from its current poverty level, needs leaders to become a solution to those problems other than being lamenting leaders.

“Its hard for Karamoja to be developed by other people outside Karamoja but its us ourselves the Karimojong to first take lead in creating change in the region”-Jino urged


Jino Meri further noted that Karamoja has a big advantage of developing if the leaders could only be exemplary interns of team work, fight against criminality among the locals.

Paul Lomoe a local trader said ever since Jino entered in the office many local contractors have been empowered.

“He dose not condone corruption,or kickbacks from the contractors but if you want to fall out with him just do shoddy work and don’t pay for workers there you will not be his friend”-Lomoe says.

While Longole Abubakar another contractor praised Jino as one of those who doesn’t want to fight for contractors with other companies.

“In other districts, you find the district chairpersons also struggling for small contracts with the local contractors which is not happening with Jino,”he said.

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