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Norbert Mao Punches Bobi Wine To The Corner Over Ssegirinya And Ssewanyana

Museveni’s minister for justice and constitutional affairs and DP president General Norbert Mao has lashed out at Bobi Wine for down playing his efforts in the release of legislators Ssewanyana and Ssegirinya who had been in jail for close to 17 months.

The duo are accused of murdering people in the famous Masaka bijambiya in August 2021 where over 28 were killed by machete wilding criminals.

They were arrested, granted bail and re-arrested just at the gates of Kitalya prison and since then several of their bail applications had been denied without clear explanations despite the president Museveni vowing several times that the duo will never be released on bail.


Upon their release, rumor had it that there had been several negotiations between the National Unity Platform geared by leader of opposition Mathius Mpuuga, some thing which he blatantly denies despite several NRM politicians insisting that indeed negotiations took place.

Few days ago while breaking silence on the said negotiations at the Democratic Party weekly press conference, Minister Norbert Mao claimed he’s the man behind the negotiations to have Ssewanyana and Ssegirinya regain their freedom.

Former presidential candidate but now member of parliament of Kimanya-Kabonera on NUP ticket Dr Abed Bwanika claimed only negotiations can yield fruits from Museveni not things like Kuunga, Release our people, among other slogans.

In a turn of events however, Bobi Wine also lashed at Mao for claiming to be behind the release of Ssewanyana and Ssegirinya thereby drawing to a conclusion that the legislators are simply victims of political persecution. He challenged Mao to bring evidence of the negotiations and explain to the Masaka residents who lost their loved one’s due to the bijambiya.

In reply, Mao has sent Bobi Wine a coded message in a tweet that has since caused mixed reactions on the blue app and in the corridors of power.

“Bobi Wine I hear you loud and clear on Dialogue and I respect your position though I consider it ill advised, myopic and reckless. You be the thunder. Let me be the rain!”- tweeted Mao

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