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VIDEO: Ugandan Thief Forced To Eat Raw Chicken With Feathers

We all face issues with thieves, some break into your house , steal your belongings and smartly move away, leaving you to count loses and praying to the almighty God to punish them in whatever way he could. Sometimes we do report to police to do investigations, some investigations yield fruits and have the thieves arrested while other investigations don’t yield anything.

Some thieves however break into your house, beat you to pulp leaving you with injuries or even take your life as they walk away with your belongings causing tears to your family and friends.

There’s this video trending on the blue app where a man is seen a man is seen being forced to eat a raw chicken he had stolen as a way of punishing him instead of beating him to death through mob justice. Humbled with fear, the thief is seen eating his stolen chicken.


We have not yet established where the video was taken but no doubt it’s from somewhere in Uganda as the people forcing the thief to eat raw chicken are heard speaking Luganda. Police in Uganda like any other condemns mob justice and they advise you to take such a person to police to descend on him and beat, kill or burn him to ashes.

Tell us what you think about this by residents forcing a thief to eat the raw chicken with feathers, our comment section is open.

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