Moroto Municipality Beautifies Town Ahead Of Christmas To Woo Visitors


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By Steven Ariong
MOROTO: Whoever had traveled from any part of the country to Moroto district in Karamoja sub region and spent a night in Moroto Municipality in may be six years back and still have the same picture of what he saw in Moroto municipality should now forget of that picture, the Municipality has moved very far from the old picture from what someone might have seen it.

In 1997 to 2010, the municipality image was indeed bad with a lot of human waste scattered every corner with a lot of bad smell, the so called Municipality had only two streets include: Lia and Kitale streets with no streets lights, the buildings in the municipality were also dilapidated with about 99% of it was mad and  wattle houses
without running piped water.


People running businesses in Moroto municipality were using lamplights in the shops and houses although there was a thermal generator which could supply power in the municipality but the municipality could remain in darkness because the generator was supplying power only up to midnight for a limited period of time.

But now whoever still has in mind what he or she might have seen in Moroto Municipality in 1997 or 2010 should now forget and know that the town is now a clean town with a lot of development changes taking place.

New changes in Moroto municipality have made the Moroto town to be a destination for tourist attraction in the entire Karamoja region.

The municipality has been connected to the national grid electric power and has electricity 24hrs with a lot of music sound which has replaced the gun sound unlike those days before disarmament.

With now few days left to the Christmas holiday, many people have made advance plans on making the best out of the holiday and Moroto can be one of the places.

For those in other countries in the East African continent who have never reached to Moroto, the town in located in North Eastern Uganda lying west of Mt Moroto and north of the Kenya Republic. It is the main town of Moroto district and the district headquarters are located there. The district was named after the town.

Moroto is located approximately 210 kilometers (130 mi), by road, northeast of Mbale, the nearest large city. and lies approximately 420 kilometers (260 mi), by road, northeast of  Kampala, the capital city of f Uganda and the largest city in that country.

The coordinates of the town are: 2°31’48.0″N, 34°40’12.0″E (Latitude: 2.5300; Longitude: 34.6700).

It was initially big and seveni districts in Karamoja were caved from  these include Napak, Nakapiripirit, Kotido, Amudat, Abim and Kaabong in the northeastern Uganda.

This town has unique things that can feed the eyes of a visitor whose first time to step in Moroto, some of this sites including beautiful geographical areas with plenty of mountains, types of hotels and decent accommodation and art and crafts.

The town has a friendly environment that would make tourists to enjoy
spending their Christmas holiday in Moroto.

Apart from having unique things, Moroto town has also various tourist attractions including the only museum in Karamoja region that inhabits and tells the story of Karimojong culture and heritage.

No worry of accommodation, the town has enough accommodation with
hotels like  Moroto Resort hotel which is just now opening up, Yellow stone hotel, Mt. Moroto hotel, Hotel Africana, Seven ranges, Hotel strikers, City friend, hotel Leslona.

Others include Rapona, Lavender Inn and many other hotels in the town yet it used to have only three hotels in the whole Municipality in the last five years.


A survey carried out by this website  shows that Moroto Municipality currently has about 13 operational streets some with street lights while others are still being worked on, it also has running piped water which was not their since the colonial time yet Moroto Municipality is among the colonial Municipalities in the country.

As a result of changes in the Municipality, it has drowned the attention of Kenyan officials including ministers, governors and senators who always cross to Moroto to spend the weekend and move back on Sunday to resume their office work every week.

Speaking to the media Mr. Steven Okurut the Moroto Municipal town clerk attributed the current changes that the Municipality is going through to the peace in the region after successful disarmament program and hard work among the municipality staffs and the district.

“The changes that you’re seeing today in Moroto Municipality are caused by collective efforts both from the district and the Municipality and I want assure the public outside Karamoja that in the next five years Moroto will be stable and competing with other Municipalities in cleanness,” he said.

Mr. Simail Mohamed the mayor of Moroto Municipality cautioned people investing into housing estate to start thinking of building storied  houses adding that in the few years to come the Municipality will demolish all the houses that are not storied.

“We are moving towards city status in 2025 so people building houses especially on the high way must build storied houses to avoid being disturbed by the city,” he said.

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