DP President General Norbert Mao

Democratic Party president General Norbert Mao has joined his other colleagues from the Acholi Parliamentary Group in lambasting Ugandans living home and abroad who say it’s extravagant for a country like Uganda with sick health systems to fly Speaker Jacob Oulanyah in a chartered Airbus for better medical attention in the US.

On 06th this month, news made rounds that parliament had chartered a Uganda airlines airbus to fly speaker Jacob Oulanyah who was last seen in public in December to a high end hospital in the US, it was later revealed that the plan to airlift Oulanyah costed the tax payer Shs 1.7bilion hence causing mixed reactions.

Upon hearing that Oulanyah had been flown to the US, Ugandans took to social media to show their discontentment in the government for failing to equip hospitals which could handle and treat even big wigs like Oulanyah. Those in the US staged a protest at a Hospital claiming the admitted patient should be thrown out and ordered back home.

As the hullabaloo continued brewing, legislators from Gulu led by Anthony Akol said if Ugandans are not happy with Oulanyah seeking medical attention at such a huge amount, they are ready to solicit funds to repay it back to parliament to excuse their own from public rebuking.

In a video making rounds on social media, Norbert Mao indicates that Jacob Oulanyah did not request any one to fly him out of the country and was ready to die in his house and it’s only the institution of parliament which he leads that sought prudent to fly him for better medical attention.

“…When he returns you will hear the hypocritical speeches by those same people, they’re the one’s who are mobilizing the demonstrations there, these are night dancers. Even in our culture they say however much you quarrel when they’re sick or bereaved, you have a temporary ceasefire, i appeal to these people of NUP kindly let’s have a cease fire until Jacob Oulanyah heals….”Says Mao

According to Mao, NUP supporters are at liberty to protest when the speaker returns after all they chair critical committees that hold government accountable like Public Accounts Committee which is chaired by MP Lubega Segona and should wait for the accountability reports and sanction investigations into the matter.