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MUSA KARIM: It’s Only Besigye Who Can Reconcile FDC

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Dear Editor
I do express my great concern on the ongoing fights for political space in the once a leading opposition political party of FDC, which has left the party on its knees.

The factions created one basing at the headquarters in Najjanankumbi and the other at Kantoga road have not helped the party in any way to the direction of the goals for which it was formed. In my view it couldn’t be Dr Besigye the father of the party to be in the centre of killing his own child he has nurtured for that long by deepening the divisions of the party members.
The party consolidation and possible reconciliation is all in hands of Dr Besigye because he commands a lot of respect in that party. I therefore appeal to him ( Dr Besigye) to manage his anger and call the two sides, sit them down and blame each side where is due then forge away forward that will endanger the party development.
But the continued blame on one side is of no help and any allegations that shall be made to either side shall be taken as gospel truth by the public depending on which faction some one either supports or sympathise with.
Short of that, my prophecy is that the party is destined to break away of one faction and the most likely one is where the founding father is inclined. In brief, if the disagreements are not addressed with a lot of wisdom and empathy, the faction at Katonga road is to be seen out of the party they have spent a lot of time building.
They should as well know that the powers to determine who remains in the party and who go away is vested in the officers in Najjanankumbi. I will be glad when my advise to the leaders of FDC is taken and used to save the beloved party from its death row.
Salongo Musa Karim
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