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AHEAD OF 2026: Museveni Set To Vie For Presidency Again With New Game Plan

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Amidst the infightings and uncertainty in Uganda’s opposition parties, President Museveni seems to be reading a certain game plan to confuse Ugandans, politicians and only make those who are against the status-quo to just give up on fighting for power in Uganda.

From the Movement system, Uganda adopted the multi-party political system in July 2005 and had the first multi-party general election in 2006 but had had two general elections in 1996 and 2001 under the movement system. Every five years, Ugandans hit the lines to choose their leaders for another term of 5 years.

Over the years president Museveni has been winning despite being accused of using police, army and the electoral body itself to win an election without fear or favor. The 2021 general elections extended his term in office and by 2026, president Museveni would have been president of Uganda for 40 uninterrupted years.


With Muhoozi Keinerugaba also eyeing his father’s throne, with opposition in bitter split over Museveni’s interference with money in their parties, a lot remains at stake about the future of politics in Uganda. Several opposition figures have been accused of dancing in the dark with president Museveni and claiming to be fighting a dictator during day.

Gen. David Ssejusa revealed some classified information in 2013 while he was an MP representing the army, in his letter which later caused him trouble and exile to Europe, Ssejusa revealed that president Museveni was preparing his son to take over power from him under what he termed as the MK project. He was crucified but it was just a matter of time.

As he exile himself to Europe for fear of being arrested, the Red Pepper, Monitor publications were censored for some time over this letter which is said to have been authored by Gen Ssejusa David detailing the Muhoozi project and the two media houses were having a copy.


When president Museveni vies for presidency in 2026, he would be extending his time at the helm of Uganda’s presidency to 45 years as his son too eyes the same some where around 2031 to extend family rule on Ugandans.

Dr Kiiza Besigye faced off with president Museveni in four presidential elections in 2001, 2006, 2011, 2016 and he gave and didn’t come back in 2021 after realizing elections alone can’t end Museveni’s rule in Uganda. He has since tried out with his People’s government which sits at Katonga and now the Red Card movement which is aimed at mobilizing Ugandans to raise up and end Museveni’s rule.

In 2021, president Museveni faced serious competition with Musician cum politician Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu alias Bobi Wine and he won by a small margin according to Byabakama’s electoral commission but Bobi Wine till date insists he won Museveni massively in the 2021 general elections.

After coercing the Uganda People’s Congress (UPC), Democratic Party (DP) and reportedly funding the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) in the 2021 general elections according to the voices which come out of Katonda against Najjanankumbi, president Museveni is now eyeing to penetrate Bobi Wine’s National Unity Platform ahead of the 2026 general elections.

By the outward of how events are unfolding, president Museveni is attacking the opposition on two fronts himself slowly erasing the DP and UPC from serious politics and his son Muhoozi through his MK movement peeping and entering NUP by one leg to scoop out members aligned to Bobi Wine with so far two MPs already crossed from NUP to his MK movement, these are Jimmy Lwanga of Njeru Municipality and Twaha Kagabo  of Bukoto South but it is some are just waiting for the right time to come out openly that they’ve ditched Bobi Wine’s National Unity Platform.

Despite being a serving army General, Museveni’s son has for the last two years gone political and he organizes and goes to rallies which are well facilitated without fear or favor but with flavor. He has not retired yet from the army but according to insiders, his time of ruling Ugandans might come in 2031 when his father peacefully retires after preparing him.

In a video making rounds on social media, the Vice president who was speaking at some group in Kyankwanzi revealed. This revelation by the Vice president Jesca Alupo now pours cold water on Opposition’s hopes of ever changing presidency under the watch of Museveni.

“His Excellency the president for 37 years you know where we came from and where we are and you know this is 2023. In everything that is done in the NRM, information sharing is number one. So i want to share with you information that H.E the president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni will again come to all of us in 2026”-said Alupo amidst ululations from the audience.

While he has been rejecting endorsements by his Kyambogo-based office (Office of the National Chairman) led by Uzeiye Namyalo under their campaign dubbed ‘Jajja Tova Ku Main’ aimed at convincing him to continue ruling Uganda, Museveni’s game plan seems to be yielding fruits as opposition continue fighting each other without plans and hopes of coming together into a coalition to challenge and dislodge his leadership.

The Electoral Commission led by Justice Simon Byabakama Mugyenyi recently rolled out the electoral road map filled with a cocktail of activities to 2026 general elections amidst calls that government should fast track electoral reforms before heading to another general election.

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