Bobi Wine Hosts Gashumba In Magere, Agree to Fight “Abanyunyuusi”


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 Kyadondo East Member of parliament Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine yesterday night hosted Uganda’s popular political analyst Frank Gashumba who has for long time been questioning and criticizing his presidential and political strategies.

According to the statement posted on Bobi Wine’s official Facebook handle, he revealed that during Gashumba’s visit, they discussed many issues regarding the struggle they involved in to liberate Uganda.

During the discussion they raised a need for all forces of change to work together to accomplish the task ahead much faster, because the people who Gashumba calls ‘abanyunyuusi’ can disagree on many things, but when it comes to oppressing us and plundering our country, they speak with the same language.

We agreed that at this critical time in our nation’s history, all forces of change need to work together and accomplish the task ahead much faster. In any case, the people who my brother Gashumba calls ‘abanyunyuusi’ can disagree on many things,

Bobi wine

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