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PERFECT BITCOIN ETFs: Top Funds For Buying Bitcoin

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Traders looking to buy and sell Bitcoin can now do so with exchange-traded funds (ETFs). The best Bitcoin ETFs make it easy and cheap to buy and sell the cryptocurrency through an online broker rather than through the potentially riskier process of using a cryptocurrency exchange.

The Securities and Exchange Commission approved spot Bitcoin ETFs in January 2024, giving traders a way to access Bitcoin without having to custody the crypto coin themselves or trade with an exchange that may be fraudulent. So it’s easier for everyone to gain exposure to Bitcoin.

Here are some of the best Bitcoin ETFs, including how much you’ll pay to invest in them.

Spot Bitcoin ETFs track the price of the crypto on effectively the same percentage basis, even if they trade at different prices. If Bitcoin rises one percent, then the fund should rise one percent. So you see that the funds have all risen approximately the same amount, with minor differences.

Which fund should you choose? If you were looking at two McDonald’s on the same block and they both offered Big Macs, it would make sense to go with the cheaper one. So it is with spot Bitcoin ETFs. Since these funds give you exposure to Bitcoin in the same way, their defining feature is their expense ratio, the percentage of your investment that they charge as a fee.

Some funds above are initially charging 0 percent fees for the first few months, as they pursue a “land grab” and look to grow their assets and users quickly. But those fees will eventually revert when their assets pass a certain threshold or the initial period of low fees expires.

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