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TOP STORY: Besigye Explains His Only Problem With The Newly Signed Anti-Homosexuality Bill

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 Four time presidential candidate and FDC strong man Dr Kiiza Besigye has finally joined the debate on homosexuality in Uganda after president Museveni assented to a very tough law that comes with death penalty, life imprisonment, hefty fines for those involved in Homosexuality in Uganda.

Dr Kiiza Besigye

The law has since received a warn reception, backing and support home but it’s been condemned internationally especially by the western powers who have called it a bad law aimed at infringing on the rights of Ugandans and homosexuals.

Among those who urged president Museveni to recall this law, repeal it or quash it completely from the law books of the land is Dr Kiiza Besigye’s wife Winnie Byanyima who is also the Director at UNAIDS one of the lead organizations in the fight against HIV/ AIDS.


Byanyima asserts that the Anti-Homosexuality act 2023 will water down efforts of eliminating HIV from Uganda. She says homosexuals who are HIV positive will find it hard to find care services for fear of being violently beaten up by Ugandans, fearing to be apprehended or even be known by society that they’re gay or lesbians.

Speaking during his weekly show dubbed the ‘interface’ this past Saturday, Besigye explained his only problem with the gay law which he says he has too many concerns about the newly signed Anti- Homosexuality Act 2023 from the manner it was passed and signed to the tone of the voices that came out support it.

Rtd Col Besigyes questions the heads of religious institutions whom have publicly supported the law but according to Besigye their way of addressing and expressing their support for the law deemed hateful and glorifying violence.

Although he is a Christian who considers homosexuality sinful, Mr Kifefe says Christianity does not teach hatred and judging of other people but loving and praying for those you disagree with while referring to the book of Luke 6:37

“I believe in the Christian faith and scriptures and i consider homosexuality as a sin, what i find strange especially from believers like me is to assume the role of judges, when the bible is categorically clear that don’t judge and you shall not be judged, don’t condemn and you shall not be condemned”

The leader of the Red Card Movement which is another opposition outfit aimed at ending Museveni’s ‘reign of terror’ commonly referred to as the junta also referred to the book of Mathew Matthew 5:43-45 where believers are instructed to love their enemies and pray for them.

Dr Besigye also wonders how and why the religious leaders who have come out vocal with guns blazing have not come out to condemn the misdeeds of president Museveni’s government but focused on this particular one.

“Homosexuality, promiscuity, fornication are the same kind of sins but the way that the (religious) leaders have responded to them seems to be selective: yet we have had some senior clerics here who have been caught in adultery”-he added

Kiiza Besigye also went ahead and lashed at attacks which he said have been shot direct to his family as a section of the public really pushed him to comment on the anti-homosexuality law.

These attacks on Besigye emanate from the fact that his wife Byanyima opens supports homosexuality and his son Anselm is believed to be homosexual though neither Besigye or Byanyima have come out to confirm but we can tell is that his mothers goes bare knuckles with whoever attacks her son Anselm’s girly or womanish lifestyle.

“I have been attacked, my family has been attacked and continues to be attacked and condemned…but like i have said, i am going to write a comprehensive paper on this matter and put it out there”-Besigye said

SOURCE: Pulse Live

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