Meet Dr Nyesigye Keneth, a Ugandan Lecturer Turning Tables in South Sudan.


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Uganda celebrated the World Teacher’s Day on Tuesday 05th October 2021 in quite a silent mode due to the constraints of Covid-19. The celebrations came at a time when teachers have been grounded for almost two years.

Due to Covid-19, all schools and institutions of higher learning have been shut and going by president Museveni’s previous address where he eased on the lockdown restrictions, Universities and other institutions of higher learning are set to open in November provided students and lecturers have been vaccinated.

However, one thing that can’t go unmentioned is that some Ugandans are doing wonders in the education sector at the global level and these fly the flag high.

In this article we focus on Dr Nyesigye Keneth who currently heads the Commercial Department of the Faculty of Business and Management at KU South Sudan and has authored several books including one of his latest titled “Modern Accounting in Africa”, 1St Edition.

Dr Nyesigye was Born and raised in South Western Uganda, Kirembe Village, Kayanja Parish, Katete Sub-County, Kinkizi County, Kanungu District From the Family of Rwanyonbya Peter

He has authored Plight of Children of Incarcerated Parents in South Sudan: Challenges, Coping Mechanisms and Suggested interventions which he recently presented on 1st October 2021, at INCCIP Conference, Washington DC USA.

Dr Nyesigye also authored “Taxation and hard currency in South Sudan”; a paper he presented at the seminar of the business community in South Sudan, organized by the Chamber of Commerce South Sudan and Sponsored by International Finance Corporation- World bank South Sudan; 16th May 2015 presented at Home and Away Juba South Sudan

He also authored Can “Hygiene Promotion and Vaccine Awareness in South Sudan” Increase Primary Health Services Utilization and Improve Quality of People’s Health? Presented at the Health Forum South Sudan, 4th February 2015 Juba-Grand Hotel-South Sudan.

This celebrated scholar also holds several research and publications in his name, first is the PhD research titled Essence of Financial Economics on Institutional Development a comparative Study of the Cradle of Organizational Growth in East Africa done in 2020, The role of Savings and Credit Co-Operative Societies in Business Growth and Development in Uganda’’ done in 2017

He was also recently appointed on the Board of International Coalition of Children with Incarcerated Parents a UK based organization, he is also a Finance Compliance Advisor Hold the Child in South Sudan also the Country Director of Operations Morning Tears South Sudan which currently Operates in 17 Countries around the World.

He holds a PhD in Financial Economics, Masters of Business Administration Accounting (MBA), Masters of Arts Degree in Economic Policy Management (MA EPM), and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business Administration Accounting and Finance (BBA).

He’s such a learned scholar worth celebrating as he joins the strides of academic excellence.

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