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FABIO Sets Pace For Civic Education Ahead Of The 2026 General Elections

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The First African Bicycle Organization (FABIO) a Non Government Organization based in Jinja together partnership with the Uganda National NGO Forum with support from USAID have set pace for the much needed civic education to the electorates ahead of the 2026 general elections.

In a stake holder’s engagement workshop held at Ci Sand Suites in Jinja City on 23rd April, several leaders and stake holders from all walks of the political sphere deliberated on what needs to be done for Uganda and the electoral commission to deliver a free and fair election which is set to be highly contested.

Speaking at the workshop, Jinja Resident District Commissioner Richard Gulume Balyainho and Kigongo Juma the Deputy RCC for Jinja northern Division all reiterated the need for security in the pre, during and post election period. These contend that both opposition and those for the ruling party need security for the successful elections in Uganda.

Deo Natukunda the Electoral Commission’s regional boss in charge of Busoga said that the commission is always ready to handle elections but this isn’t possible without partners like FABIO who engage the citizenry in civic education. He also applauded the church for always supporting the election’s activities.

Natukunda says the commission normally go to places of worship to mobilize the electorates of their civic rights which are fundamental while choosing their leaders. He also says many churches and mosques act as poling stations but these provide all the support needed and never charge the commission for using their premises.

The regional elections boss also revealed when tasked to explain that LC1 elections would soon take place and the commission is very ready but he says government has postponed the term of office of the LC1 chairpersons twice but as long as the funds are availed, Ugandans will choose their village chairpersons soon.

Reverend David Munobwa from the Busoga Diocese’s Christ The King Cathedral decried the quality of leaders that the country has from top to bottom saying it really lacks because the world has moved away from uneducated leaders to educated and qualified leaders. He says the bar should be raised for leaders across the spectrum from president, MPs to councilors.

“The quality of leaders in this country is really wanting, saying that for some one to be an MP should have sat for Senior Six is not enough, we’ve seen councilors who can’t even read words like solemnly swear but these are the people going to discuss budgets at the district”-said Rev Munobwa.

Participants at the workshop also revealed that the money involved in politics has rendered other professions redundant and politics has become a lucrative business hence the struggles of do or die during elections especially for higher positions like Members of Parliament. These also suggest a law should be introduced to set a limit for money spend by candidates during elections.

“Politics is now a lucrative business and other professions are now rendered redundant, this is driving other people from professions to quit service and opt for politics, the number of MPs should also be cut to help government reduce on the expenditure on them and be able meet it’s obligations”-said Batwawula Faruk

The Mayor Jinja Northern Mr. Wabika Ayub thanked FABIO/UNNGOF for organizing such civic engagements that inform the masses on their rights and decision making while choosing their leaders. He says as leaders, they thought that they will be roasted during FABIO’s community Barazas but instead they had a chance to further sensitive and interact with their electorates.

In her closing remarks at the event, Joy Kawanguzi the Executive Director of FABIO Uganda who started with thanking their partners says it’s important that electoral commission uses technology to hold free, fair and transparent elections ahead of the 2026 general elections. She further says transparency in elections is a turning point to peaceful pre, during and post elections period.

Referring to FABIO’s position paper that guided the discussion of the day during the engagements, Joy Kawanguzi says transparency in electoral processes serves as the cornerstone of democratic governance, ensuring credibility, accountability, and the representation of citizens’ voices.

FABIO’s Executive Director Joy Kawanguzi also says electoral transparency encompasses the openness, accessibility, credibility, and clarity of every stage of an election, from voter registration to results announcement. In Uganda, despite efforts to promote transparency in electoral processes, significant challenges persist, undermining the integrity of elections and citizen trust in the democratic system.

Further the position paper highlights the challenges currently in the elections realms of Uganda where there’s biased media reporting, insufficient voter education, violence against women, and high militarization pre [during campaigns], during and after elections which continue to stifle the democratic process in Uganda.

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