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Village In Shock As Woman Vomits Rat-Like Creature

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A woman namely Beth shocked people in Kitale after she vomited a rat – like animal. According to Lucy, her eldest child, their mother Beth had been battling witchcraft for more than five years, and they never knew how to handle the situation.

Their mother, who is now 65 years experienced signs like death dreams, being choked to death and there were many times she complained of unknown organisms crawling on her body. The 65-year-old gave her family a hard time as they were always on a stand by mood to check on her.

“At times our mother would just wail and scream that a massive snake was coming her way even during daytime. We remained worried as a family and wondered what was really going on with her until we took her for special herbal treatment by Dr. Mugwenu after a family friend intervention,” Lucy says.

Indeed, Dr. Mugwenu through his skill of foretelling clients’ problems and after well analyzing her, he told them that their mum was a victim of witchcraft. He offered them a special spell and ‘fimbo ya musa’ oil which was well prescribed to be used twice a day in the morning and late at night before she slept.

Two days after they followed Dr. Mugwenu instructions, their mum vomited a rat like animal. They were all shocked but after they reached out to Dr. Mugwenu, he assured them that marked the end of witchcraft experiences of their beloved mum had been having.

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