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STRANGE: Ugly Scenes As Habitual Rapist Resorts To Eating His Waste

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Wonders shall never end! Is getting women a hard thing or is approaching women and politely asking for intimacy a mountain that climbing needs hiking classes? Let us not involve ourselves in such unethical behaviors or raping young girls due to inability to win a woman’s heart. I understand that intimacy is very important in an adults life but that doesn’t give May adult right to forcefully do it without a woman’s permission.

It’s sad and humiliating and men with similar behaviors you better quit the habit since nowadays the victims wouldn’t let such incident slide just because you’ll be judged on judgment day, they’ll punish you fiercely just like Monari was punished in Kitale.

Monari was a reputable teen who had a position in the Catholic Diocese of Kitale and was also a role model to many teens. What we didn’t understand was if it was temptations that led him into doing such unethical act or was it lust since in church his role was advising young girls against being used by men since pregnancy cases were becoming more and the church thought that he would educate many girls in order to avoid early pregnancies that led to many girls dropping out of school this ruining their future that were always promising.

Monari took advantage of his role and invited a girl called Cherop into his house for a session and the naive girl was shocked with Monari’s touchy touchy habit after he began caressing her thighs and attempted to such her tiny “tits”. She attempted to run but unfortunately the door was closed and Monari feel on top of her forcefully and broke her virginity by raping her.

She later went home crying and that’s when she was advised by her friend’s to seek the help of Dr Mugwenu a reputable powerful native doctor from Vihiga who casted his Powerful Spells that made Monari feed on his urine and feces something that shocked the entire neighborhood as they all came running to witness the dramatic scenario.

Monari was required to pay a hefty fine of Shs380,000 for Cherop to permit Dr Mugwenu to reverse his spells which he successfully did after Monari’s family raised the money. It was a lesson learnt to all people with similar behaviors and Dr Mugwenu’s Powerful Spells acted as a punishment that threatened all rapists.

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