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OKAY AM SORRY: Speaker Anita Apologizes For ‘Whatever Nonsense’ Remarks On Ssekikubo

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Speaker Anita Among last week faced off with Lwemiyaga county legislator who had raised on the floor of parliament to remind the speaker of her promise to let the house debate about the excessive, misuse and corruption at parliament which has dented the image of parliament.


The Speaker strangled this debate for the second time and while terming it jokey saying she leaves home to discuss serious issues not jokes like discussing corruption which she says such discussions are fueled by bum-shafters who hate her for her spirited fight against homosexuality.

As he rose up again to request the speaker to have allegations made by Kazo MP Dan Kimosho that Ssekikubo’s name is involved in land grabbing issues which have even costed people lives expunged from the Hansard, Anita Among told off Ssekikubo to speak nonsense he wanted to speak.

“Rt Hon Speaker last week something bothered me in this house, one of our colleagues the Hon Ssekikubo stood to raise concerns about commissioners sat in a meeting, shared money among themselves and how money is used in this institution and you Rt Hon speaker referred to his submission as Nonsense, i found that wrong, unparliamentary, i would like to urgue you to apologize and withdraw that statement”-said LoP Ssenyonyi.

At the request of the Leader of Opposition who said the Speaker’s ‘Speaker all whatever nonsense you want to speak’ remarks were not honorable and she should apologize, the proud and showy Speaker of parliament managed to apologize but still in a braggart way as a show of money, power and might.

“While as you found it wrong, there’s something that is pending that should be answered first where Honorable Kazo [Dan Kimosho] also made an allegation, if you want me to apologize to you, i know you are a very big person, you are a leader of opposition, am sorry”- Speaker of Parliament braggartly apologized.


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