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My Friend’s Hot Sister Begged Me To Bonk Her Mercilessly

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My name is Johny from Kakamega County and this is my most recent life experience, and please while judging me or judging the other party please don’t be too harsh.

I went over to a friend’s house (a guy) to spend a couple of weeks, when I got there, I tried abstaining from getting too close to his hot sisters so stories that touches the heart doesn’t erupt from our interactions, but little did I know that my worst fear was about to happen.

So all through the time I was there, I was only relating to my friend, until one day my friend’s eldest sister came to my room, and got angry that I was barely coming out to mingle with every other person in the house, but then I knew what I was avoiding, so I laughed it out, but she insisted that I become free with everyone not just my friend. So I told her, I was going to start coming out of the room, but it will be afew times as I have a lot to do ranging from searching for stories and researching events so I can write articles on Operanews.

Shortly after getting comfortable with everyone in the house, my friend’s eldest sister started making suspicious moves. I also told her I onec had crushed on her while in campus and she was happy hearing that.

So, after that day I noticed she got used to me and moved even closer always cahtting me up on all sorts of stories including love stories. I started developing some affection towards her, but then I remembered the section of the “Bro code” which says you can’t have any sexual relationship with your best friend’s sister, unless you have marriage intentions.

I told her openly  that it wasn’t going to work as it was against the code; she immediately got angry, saying who cares about “bro code” and she didn’t talk to me for a week.

But then, after a week, she came back to my room seeking for my audience, that she was expecting I would come and check up on her, I had to tell her that it’s best we didn’t get emotionally attached to each other. I embarked on a short trip to another location just to clear the air, but she also came to that location, she was quite just into me, I got scared.

She also wanted to get intimate with me, by all means, before another friend of mine called Mike asked me what was wrong with me and I told him what I was going through. He advised me to find a repellant Spell from Doctor Mugwenu which will help keep the stalking lady away from me. Mike took me to Mugwenu Doctors who gave me something that would help the lady forget about me. It worked and the lady has never come back to me again. I did not want to marry my friend’s lady. In short.

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