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My Ex Left Me Because I Was Shapeless So This Happened (Photos)

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A lady identified as Linnete on her Twitter account Revealed to her followers how she later became after her ex broke up with her on the ground that she was too fat and shapeless.

Her picture sequence shows that she was initially a slim curvy and beautiful lady before she started becoming fat after settling down with the man she loved.

They have been happily living together now for two years and they both have a kid who has turned one year old.

Unfortunately and according to what she keeps telling her friends, her husband has of recent started mistreating and sometime ignoring her as if he nolonger wants her at his home. The lady has been trying hard to please the man but seemingly nothing is improving.

After she shared the story with her ailing mother back home, she was advised to urgently travel there so that they can find a way of helping her. Her mother started thinking hard and seeking advises from fellow women around the village on how she could help her daughter look beautiful again.

Her helpful friends weighed in her problem with varied reactions before one of them offered her an advice that eventually helped.

She was told of a traditional doctor who is able of slimming any person be it a man or a woman where she rushed her daughter Linnete; While at the native doctor she received a two day herbal medication  and within just three weeks’ time she regained her former self with a curvaceous body that has left everyone in shock.

She started posting her new looks on Facebook and when her man stumbled on the photos, he started chasing after her almost everyday. He could be calling everyday so that he could see her back home. The man is still struggling to get her back because she is really beautiful and back in a sharp shape.

You can’t believe but anything good comes from sweating. What this totally suggest is that, she took the pain of working on herself to avoid such future occurrence.

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