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I found My Wife Sending Her Nude Photos And Sekisi Messages To Her Boss

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My name is Nahashon and my wife of three years was a travel consultant working with a tours company in Westlands. According to how she made me understand, her work involved lots of travelling in the weekend and late night.

To be honest, her work was eating into our personal time together since she would come home at around 10pm, leave early morning and also out on weekends. I tried telling her to change her career in order to keep the flame in our marriage alive but she insisted that she loves her job.

One time, I was so fed up with her being an absent wife and instead of promising to make things better for us, she told me to leave the marriage if I did not accept her career.

“If you cannot handle me being a career woman then I would rather you leave the marriage and let me work,” she threatened.

I did not have a problem with her being a career woman but I had a problem with the way she denied me time and even sex because whenever she came home past 10pm she would say she is tired and not even bother kissing me or asking how my day was.

I just did not understand this kind of job that took one’s time like this. Then one day, it all happened that I came to find out she was not working but spending time with her boss and having sex with him. This is how I came to find out.

One time, she came home and went straight to bed without even caring about me and I borrowed her laptop to send some e-mails since my phone was hanging. She told me to pick it from her handbag.

I took the machine and opened her emails so that I could log out and log in on my account. As I was almost logging out, I saw a very nude picture in the recent message and I decided to check it out. I was shocked to see that she was sending her nude photos to her boss. There were like 100 messages and they were all dirty messages and nude pictures which my wife was sending to her boss.

I immediately read mischief and wondered if my wife had been giving the excuse of work so she can fuck around with her boss. I was about to forward those messages to myself but I could not since she asked me for her laptop.

I remember weeping that night and wondering why my wife had been cheating on me for all these years and even daring me to leave me her. I was so mad. I was in the same bed with the woman who had betrayed me in the worst way possible.

In the morning she left the house as usual and I immediately remembered how to handle the situation. A friend of mine had used the help of a traditional herbalist, Doctor Mugwenu to nab his wife cheating on him.

I called the friend and he sent me Doctor Mugwenu’s number where I called him and told him how my wife had been unfaithful and he agreed to meet me that day. After meeting he performed a spell of sticking my wife and her boss together any time they had sex. I just wanted them to suffer for betraying me.

That night, I decided to go check on my wife in her office so as to prevent her from sleeping with her boss. Unfortunately, I was late. I arrived at her place of work at around 10.30pm and I was met by wails coming from one of the offices. I could hear them when I was outside and I ran in to check if she was okay.

To my utter shock, she was stuck while having sex with her boss. I found them there, naked, stuck while having sex on the table and in pain. They almost collapsed on seeing me. I scolded them for their betrayal but my wife kept saying she was sorry and asked me to help her get unstuck.

Doctor Mugwenu unstuck them later on and my wife asked for forgiveness from me. She told me her boss had promised to fire her if she refused to sleep with him. She left that company and now we are happily married.

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