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DON’T BRING JOKES HERE: Anita Among Guns Strangles Debate On Corruption At Parliament Again

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At the instigation of the #UgandaParliamentExhibition where a lot of dirty deals happening at parliament were unearthed. The house was drawn in the spotlight and scrutiny over corruption and misuse of tax payer’s money.

The prominent victims of the exhibition were Mathias Mpuuga and Speaker Anita Among. Mpuuga has fallen out with his party over Shs500m he received as Service Award from parliament which his party says tantamount to corruption. Speaker Anita Among is yet to explain how junior staff received billions of shillings on her behalf for Corporate Social Responsibility.


Attempts to have the speaker say something about the allegations which even Chris Obore admitted to receiving huge cash on behalf of Speaker have all met statements like Bumshafters are fighting me, she also at one moment accused of Kadaga of being behind the woes she’s facing at parliament.

Another attempt to have parliament discuss the corruption allegations was again strangled by Speaker Anita Among who watered it down when Theodre Ssekikubo tried bringing it back on the floor of parliament.

Ssekikubo had taken to the floor of parliament to remind Anita Among of the pending allegations she needs to give answers to and also have it debated.

“You had undertaken that we shall have an opportunity to debate on the issue of the Parliament Exhibitions where in, members read the profligacy of this House, where upon the allegations of the handshake to the Commissioners was debated, whereabout, the back bench commissioners were given money ranging from Shs400M to Shs500M and you undertook that an opportunity will be availed to us to have this matter thoroughly debated, concluded and put to rest,” remarked Ssekikubo.

However, the speaker of parliament who is not ready to engage in a debate regarding corruption rubbished Ssekikubo by telling him that she leaves her home to come to the house to discuss serious business not jokes like what the famous rebel MP was raising.

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