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Disabled Man Causes a Stir Online After Revealing What The President Did To His Parents, Says He Will Never Forgive Those Involved

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A disabled man has come out clean disclosing what the President did to his parents that he will live to remember but will never forgive those involved as new details emerge. Karimi wa Njega as the villagers call him in Mukurweini, Nyeri county has come out clean on what happened to his parent 3 years ago that made them as a family live a recked life.

Mr Njega begins by saying that it was in 2021 that a group of 6 people came to their home holding papers which many call title deeds written and stamped by government claiming that they are the real owners a land we had spent our lives on for over 35 years.

“I remember, that was the last time we did see our selves in our 12 acres land, it was so sad to see my parents being told to pack and leave and full of tears they had no otherwise than ti watch them leave what I knew from my childhood was legally ours,” Mr Njega says.

Adding that “I had no otherwise too than to pull off my one bedroom house push my wheelchair and leave. Then I was disabled.”

With lots of pain I had to go and start a new life back in 2021, I will never forget that day in my life. Do you know where I went?

I went and rented in one of the mud houses back then in Mukurweini slum. We had left a land full of fertility, full of vegetables, fruits and tea leaves. It was the worst day I saw in my life.

I struggled alot to make my life soft but to no avail. Whenever I sought employment I could be turned away. It was back then in 2022 when I said ENOUGH is ENOUGH.

I decided to appeal the case against our land. I approached friends and relatives to help me considering my state and that of my parents but to no avail.

In 2022 May, my father Mugambi wa Njoka died after depression hit him hard. He could not persevere watching his family suffer, a family that once lived in harmony.

I remember approaching a friend of mine in 2022 August and he told me “Mr Njega haven’t you heard of a person who is helping people out there?” I did not hesitate to respond “NO” he continued “haven’t you heard of Dr Mugwenu?” he went ahead to cut the long story short he shared his number +254740637248.

I Mr Njega, I remember I felt hesitant to call Dr Mugwenu but as reality dawned that My Father had died and my mother was poverty stricken. I called Dr Mugwenu addressed my situation and upon listening he told me what to look at.

“I told Dr Mugwenu that had already filed a case at the Land Court and he assured me of a win, it was back in 2023 August.”

We performed that Win Court Case Spell and it was on January 2024 that we had our land back through a court order.

“Thanks to God and Dr Mugwenu.”

Soon than later, we received a letter from the office of the President signed by the Head of State of our legally acquired title deed of 12 acres of land. Thanks to the President.

Were it not for Dr Mugwenu’s helping hand I could have not only died next after my father but also run mad of depression. Dr Mugwenu contacts +254740637248 saved us.

“I am today happy and living happily as a family despite with only one parent. But thanks to Dr Mugwenu again.”

Should you have a problem like mine call Dr Mugwenu and get helped. Solve land issues instantly. Want a job and have no money, call Dr Mugwenu at +254740637248 and get helped.

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