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Why NUP should Prepare To Trek On The Same Tale, If Not The Worst

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By Odeke Bazel 

NUP that emerged as a victor opposition party in terms of numbers in parliament(61 MPs) took the country by somehow, surprise which saw them appoint the Leader Of Opposition (LOP), as per the guidelines. With such mandate, NUP later on decided to alter administration in positions that they have authority- in what they termed as giving space to the new leaders ( Hon. Mathias Mpuuga to Hon. Joel Ssenyonyi), beautiful isn’t?
Conversely, just like other prominent political parties that have and continue to be baffled and punctuated by the regime, NUP is/wasn’t an exception as it’s already making headlines, with social media pundits already squeezing water out of a rock and making conclusions- befitting to say, the higher the monkey climbs, the more naked it becomes(time to see NUP in totality)
It’s derogative to note that, within a short period of time, NUP finds itself in corridors of dismay and destruction, if not, the first stone-away to it’s downfall! Anyone can literally argue that, if the well structured and the old fell, what about the offspring? In anyway, being a ‘pressure’ group, as others chose to call it, pressure was indeed bound to breakthrough, right from inside
Whereas, the principal chair found the necessary grounds to have Hon. Mathias Mpuuga accountable- which he termed as a moral obligation. It should be noted that, it’s the same dirty money-saga that saw FDC fraternity go into two varing factions, each accusing the other of being unholy, unrighteous and not conforming to the desired approach
With the success story in FDC and others, the same poison has been directed to the child. One thing not certain for sure is; Who gives information to who? How is information given? How is information received? Who delivers the cheque to who? What is the motive? And if the cheque delivery was done in secrecy, why must it come to public? Your guess is as good as mine!
Arguably, it should be noted that, FDC’s failure to handle internal contradictions internally, destroyed a once-iconic party, they chose media over round table talks, that could had seen the accusations handled amicably. And surprisingly, in not even a year, we have reached out to France to copy the Bourbons who learned nothing and forgot nothing! The same issue of money continues the walk!
Does this therefore qualify and quantify to say, there’s no opposition in Uganda! And that, what we have is a group of people trying to align themselves to greatness and opulence that await a head? If verily, opposition existed, why are they not learning from their own mistakes?
To fix a notch, leaders should understand what fame and egocentrism offer; the ideals of justice, equality, equity and the best interest of a person should be weighed. Why is it that, when I do the same thing, it’s wrong and when the other does, it’s right? Leaders must as well interest themselves to know the difference between ontology and epistemology in regard to leadership.
There’s time to speak and there’s time to entomb certain things for the interest of peace over mayhem. Corruption in it’s strongest terms is very bad and unacceptable, not even to developed countries. However, it must be fought tactically otherwise, it’s a nuclear bomb, that won’t even know it’s procreator
The Author is a researcher/Political commentator/ Social worker – Pallisa district 
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