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TOO PAINFUL: My Husband Bonked My Sister When She Came To Help Me With House Chores When I Gave Birth

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I had just given birth and since I could not find a house help to come help me with house chores, I asked my sister to help me and she, therefore, took a 14-day leave from her job and she came to stay with me.

I was so happy that she had taken the sacrifice for me. She came to live with us and she would help cook for me, wash clothes and dishes, etc. She was older than me but was still unmarried and since she did not have familial responsibilities in her life I knew she would be of great help to me.

However, a week after staying in my place, I started noticing weird behaviours especially when my husband came home from work. She would change into skimpy dresses and skirts and she would often blush when my husband talked to her. Worse, I started noticing that my husband was falling for her.

One night I heard weird sexual moans coming from the room where my sister was sleeping and when I went to that room, I found my husband and sister having sex. I confronted them and guess what they did? They both ganged up on me and they beat me and chased me out of the house in the middle of the night.

Mind you, I was still in pain since I had just given birth to my daughter. I went to the neighbour’s house since she was my friend and I told her of what was going on. I was so sad and I cried while narrating to her my predicament.

“Don’t worry my dear. There is a traditional herbalist called Doctor Mugwenu and he will help you teach those tow betrayers a lesson,” my neighbour told me.

I called the doctor and after he heard my story, he asked me to see him the following morning. Early in the morning, my neighbour took me to Doctor Mugwenu’s workplace and he cast a spell that would make my sister leave my husband since I really wanted my marriage to work.

We went home and a few hours later, both my hubby and sister came to my neighbour’s house to look for me. They were looking so hideous; my sister’s boobs were extremely huge and her skin had huge wounds and my husband’s body was also very pale and sick.

They said that other than the bodily plagues, they had been disturbed by acoustic voices and they thus asked me to forgive them. My sister packed her bags and went back to her place and my husband and I patched things up. I thank Doctor Mugwenu for saving my marriage.

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