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TERRIBLE WORLD: Life Becomes Terrible For Kampala Slay Queen Who Dated a Ghost

There’s this lady trending on social media in her mid 20s who is now crying for help after her boy friend who loved her so much turned into a ghost and now bonks her remotely. She’s confused on how guy continues sleeping with her even without coming to her home.



She went to some happening place in in Kampala called Lavander just to chill alone. While at Lavanda, she bought herself a drink and concentrated on her phone just to kill of the weekend boredom at home.

While there, a man of white descent came to her, briefly chatted with her table and offered to pay for her bills that night. He also bought more drinks for her, he vybed her slowly slowly and she immediately accepted and he would later drop her back to her home that night and he gave her Shs400,000 and he proceeded to his destination.

The lady was surprised that this guy gave her Shs400,000 on the first night of vibing her yet she didn’t offer anything in return apart from giving him her number. They continued speaking and chatting on WhatsApp and the guy invited her for a drink the next weekend. Just like he did last time, he bought her drinks and eats and after he said he would go with her to his home which she immediately accepted.

The couple went to the guy’s apartments and they slept in the same bed. After a full night of kwepiicha and bonking for a whole, while returning to her home, guy gave her a whooping Shs1000,000 (1 million) and she couldn’t believe that this guy gave her all this money for just a single night.

She however kept wondering if this guy wasn’t human, she shared with her friend who told her not to fear and just eat the money. Her friend also intimated to her that if the guy is of white descent, he might even be an investor.

This guy also asked for the price of her rent which was Shs150,000 and he immediately paid for her three months and she remained skeptical and amazed by how her new catch was treating her because she had never been in such a relationship.

According to this girl, the guy again invited her to the same place, bought her drinks and eats and still they went and slept together like previously. This was the last time she saw the guy physically and it’s the last time last bonked him in a physical kwepiicha session and that time the guy gave her Shs600,000 and she went home. Upon reaching home, she called on the guy’s number and it couldn’t go through.

This is the day things started sour for her, she even called on all his other numbers and they couldn’t go through. He had even blocked her on WhatsApp. She decided to go back to the apartments to find out if everything was alright with her boy friend. She asked the people she found there and they didn’t know the guy, the apartment caretaker even told her the room the two used to bonk from had been without a tenant for the past three months.

She remembered that the room only had a bed and no other household item was in that room but they told her that room had no tenant and she got more confused about the revelations she was getting.

One week passed and she gave up on the new boy friend and bought into reality that he’s gone for good. To her surprise seems this was pay back time, the guy started appearing in her dreams almost every day. In the dreams, the guy would play sex with her and he was raping her severally.

He continued appearing to her in her sleep and continued raping her every night and whenever she was asleep even during day. She suffered a lot of pain, She shared with her friend but he couldn’t help out on the same. The guy continued appearing to her and raping severally.

She even started fearing home because she was staying alone in her room. She decided to invite her sister to give her company but the guy continued appearing to her and bonking her mercilessly and it appeared as a spirit and was real sex. Her sister would watch the events.

As the rape by the ghost continued, she went somewhere to seek solutions and was given some remedies and was told how the guy pumped his misfortunes and ghosts into her. When she returned home, a dark spirit appeared to her in the door way and told her not to enter with the herbs in the house.

When she entered the house, she shared with her sister about what she had encountered at the gate, she used the herbals as directed by the traditional healer but this didn’t stop the ghost from raping her and that night it came when very angry to the extend that it raped and even bled profusely.

Girl child is in tears after her private parts started rotting slowly slowly. She has used all medication but all in vein, and whenever she starts healing, the boyfriend turned ghost comes back and rapes her to cabbages.


While she was scrolling through her phone, she came across a number belonging to Mugwenu Doctors whom she contacted and her problem got solved after only two weeks.

After her tears got wiped by these Kenya-based doctors, the mugwenu Doctors, she has advised Kampala babes to always be careful on who they go out with and whom they sleep with, not every guy comes with good motives.

Dr Mugwenu heals pressure, diabetes, ulcers, gonorrhea, syphilis, TB, manhood weakness among other things. He also solves life challenges such as long love issues, family problems, hardships in business, which is winning lottery games and court cases, promotion at work and clears away devilish spirits and dreams. For consultations, call or WhatsApp +254740637248. Visit his website or Email:

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