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My Hubby Is Sharing A lot Of Our Secrets With Some Single Woman, Should I Confront Her?

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Hi, I need some advice on this. I am married and blessed with two kids, aged 7 and 5. Our marriage has been okay until recently. I snooped into my husband’s phone and found pictures of a young lady. She looked like she was in her late 20s and she was a single mum.

My hubby has been telling her everything that’s happening in our house, even what we cook for dinner. For example, I am going for a work training next week for one week and he has already told her about that.

I am wondering what the purpose of telling her is. My hubby is even telling her how he loves her so much, something he has never told me. Could it be that he is falling out of love with me or is it just a phase that will pass? At first I thought since she was a single mum of one boy and my hubby is Luhya and they hate other people’s kids, especially boys, I assumed it was just a fling.

But now I think it is serious. I am thinking of confronting the side chick tomorrow at her workplace. I have gathered information that she is working at a particular bank in town.
Recently, he started doing make-up and excessive grooming and he is even applying lip balm. Is this normal?

Advise me before I make serious moves on her! One of the people who responded to the Facebook post said she had experienced such confusion in her marriage.

For her case, however, it was a man who was too close to her hubby and to some extent she even thought he was gay. He was flirting with some office girls on his phone, but I never read anything suggesting they were deeply involved.

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