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Minister Aceng Now Moves To Become Lira City’s New NRM chairperson

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Health Minister Jane Ruth Aceng has excited a significant number of Lira City residents after declaring her ambition to become the new NRM Chairperson for Lira City territory come 2025/2026.

The position is currently being held by a one Odongo Bodyguard who took advantage of the confusion and disinterest that came with the haste with which the new Lira City was created and curved out of the old Lira District on the eve of 2021 elections.

He heads an executive which has the likes of Lira tycoon Geoffrey Etwop serving as the Treasurer. Dissatisfied with the leadership credentials the youthful Odongo has exhibited so far, Etwop now wants to come for the Chairperson position himself come 2025/2026.

This clearly means he will be going ahead on with Aceng who announced recently after being enrolled afresh in the NRM membership register that she will be seeking to lead her party as District Chairperson besides seeking to keep her Woman MP position.

Speaking to a jubilant crowd at Ireda-Lumumba cell immediately after registering in the yellow book, Aceng told hundreds of youths, women and Boda riders that she was seeking that position in order to raise the profile of that office.

Aceng, who proceeded to stay in the Lango sub region for several days to undertake several mobilization activities including campaigning for the NRM flag bearer in Dokolo, explained that once the profile of such offices is raised, mobilization of support in Lango for the reelection of President Museveni and other NRM candidates will become much easier ahead of 2026.

She said time had come for that position to be held by a very credible person and not one who the public, especially the opposition, will disparage and de-campaign as morally unfit because of previous or past involvement in corruption dealings.

It’s actually not uncommon for key Museveni Ministers to wish or desire to serve as ruling party Chairpersons in their respective districts as well and Aceng is merely the latest in taking that direction and it definitely will embolden her support while deepening her control of the ruling party decision-making in Lira City which she also represents as the Woman MP and will be seeking reelection to keep the same seat come 2026.

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