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KAWEDEMU: Anita Among Declines NUP’s Withdrawal Of Mpuuga From Parliamentary Commissioner

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In our earlier story here, we revealed how the National Unity Platform had in a letter dated 18th March officially notified parliament about it’s intention to withdraw former Leader of Opposition, Nyendo-Mukungwe legislator Hon Mathias Mpuuga from parliamentary commission and replace him with Mityana municipality legislator Francis Zaake.


The decision to withdraw Mpuuga emanates from his involvement in sharing Shs1.7bn with other three NRM Commissioners. The former Leader of Opposition took the lions share with Shs500m which his party said was not only illegal but dirty money which tantamount to corruption.

According to letters that have been flying on social media from Makerere-Kavule, the party’s National Executive Committee (NEC) unanimously resolved to boot from Mpuuga from the parliamentary commission having nominated him to the same position in December when he was dropped as Leader of Opposition and replaced with Joel Ssenyonyi.

In another letter to the NUP Gen Secretary David Lewis Rubongoya, Speaker Anita Among has declined NUP’s request to withdraw Mpuuga sighting that the party’s decision has no legal basis and the powers of the party only end at nominating but it has no powers to remove a commissioner.

“Once elected by Parliament, the commissioners so elected cease to serve individual party interests and serve Parliament as a whole. As such, they can only vacate the position or be removed therefrom in conformity with the law”-reads the Among’s letter in part.

Anita Among further says parties are powerless in the process of removal of a commissioner of parliament from the commissioner. The letter by Speaker now further casts another shadow of confusion in the already conflicted NUP party with Mpuuga and those who believe in him especially from the greater Masaka region.

“Parties lack the requisite mandate to recall a commissioner of Parliament once elected once elected by parliament. To do as you request would amount to fettering the authority vested in the House by the clear and unambiguous section 5 of the Administration Parliament Act resulting in undesirable legal consequences in line with the decision of the Constitutional Court Of Uganda in Fox Odoi-Oywelowo and James Akampumuza Versus Attorney General, constitutional petition No 8 of 2003″- the letter further reads.

This now leaves NUP whose numerical figures can’t cause a removal of a commissioner of parliament even through a motion like it was the case with Zaake in March 2022.

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