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Chaos As University Lecturer Is Caught Pants Down With Student

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There was great drama in Moi University after a lecturer was caught stuck under a lady who was also his student. The lecturer was known to feast on campus ladies in exchange for marks and good grades.

His wife had warned him countless time to stop sleeping with campus ladies since he was exposing her to the danger of contracting sexually transmitted diseases. The 50-year-old lecturer would not stop, alikua anapenda madem wa campus na kila time angewapeleka in various hotels to chew them and also give them money.

Recently when the universities were closed down after the coronavirus outbreak, the lecturer asked one of the female students to meet him at a hotel so that they could have their usual sexual escapades in quarantine. The female student went to meet the lecturer and they first started out with a drink before getting to the kwepiicha stuff.

However, unbeknownst to the lecturer, three days before, his wife had visited a traditional doctor by the name Doctor Mugwenu. She ordered a sticking spell so that anytime her husband had sex again with any campus girl, he would end up getting interlocked in her which was also very painful experience.

So, when the lecturer started having sex with the student, he could not come out of her honey pot and they immediately got stuck to each other. They both started wailing in the hotel due to the enormous pain they were experiencing. The hotel staff rushed to their room to check what was going on and they got them naked and stuck at their private parts!

The lecturer was a well-known man and thus the hotel manager called the man’s wife and told her that her husband was stuck to a campus woman. The wife was elated to hear that Doctor Mugwenu’s spell had worked. She went to the hotel and when her cheating husband caught a glimpse of her, he was so ashamed of his actions.

She called Doctor Mugwenu several hours later and asked him to reverse the spell and the two were unstuck. The woman gave the campus lady a beating and also scolded her husband for his ill behavior. He begged for forgiveness and promised never to repeat again.

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