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ANGER AND AGONY: Woman Left Confused After Finding Husband Chewing Her Mum Mercilessly

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“Namuonyesha vile inafanywa ndio mnizalie wajukuu,” Kisumu woman caught in bed with son-in-law explains Kisumu woman giving hubby surprise visit finds him on top of her mother

Kisumu – There was drama and commotion in Tom Mboya Estate after a married man was busted in an indecent act with a very unlikely companion – his mother-in-law.

The incident has left many asking what has become of people nowadays since men no longer seem to have the same respect for in-laws as used to happen in earlier days. The same case goes for women.

Earlier, an African man would not even spend the night at his in-laws; some people even believe the sun should not set when a man is still in the village of his in-laws.

Damaris and Ken had been married for three years. Being natives of the lake-side city, they had a nice house in Kisumu. The exigencies of work also saw them get another house in Nairobi, where Damaris worked mostly.

“We have some money, but not much. God has blessed us with two cars, two houses and a fairly well-off family. I love my husband, but he came to surprise me in a way I could not believe and understand. But we are now okay,” said Damaris.

The woman confessed that though everything at face value first seemed okay, deep down, their marriage had hit the rock button, and intimacy was dying.

She suspected Ken was cheating, but she did not have evidence. Four months ago, Ken had what he called a business meeting in Kisumu. He took a flight on Friday evening ahead of the meeting that was set for Monday. Since Damaris was also off during the weekend, she planned to surprise her hubby with a sumptuous traditional meal later that Monday evening.

She drove that Monday morning to Kisumu. On arrival, she passed through the nearby Kibuye market, where she bought spices, fish, and vegetables, then proceeded home, which was just less than 4 kilometres away.

It was around 1pm when she arrived, accompanied by her sister. Surprisingly, her windows were open. “Ken never learns, he likes leaving windows open,” she told her sister. As she approached the main door and while producing the key, she was struck by a funny sound. A sound of passion.

With a lot of curiosity, she stealthy opened the door and tiptoed to the guest bedroom, where she saw the unbelievable. Her mother was busy in bed with her man.

“Is this the meeting you were talking about Ken,” she shouted, attracting the attention of their gardener and a neighbor who was cutting the hedges. “Yani unakula hadi mama yangu aki Ken. Mom, what are you doing here? This is my house. This is wrong,” she wailed.

The two could not say anything. Their faces were sunk in shame. Damari’s sister could not have it, so she ran outside and started crying.

“I am just showing him how to do it so that you people give me grandchildren. It seems you are not doing it right, and that is why you are still childless four years after marriage.

At this point, it quickly dawned on Damaris that everything was just falling into the right place and going according to plan. A week ago, she had contacted Mugwenu Doctors, whom she had told she suspected her hubby was cheating on her.

Using a powerful spell, the herbalists set up a trap for them, and he walked right into it. But now Damaris was having more than she could chew. The sight of her mom with her man was too much. She was the unexpected villain.

She returned to the herbalists and sought more advice; she told them she did not want to leave her hubby despite the ugly scene. The herbalist looked into the situation and advised her to drop the hormonal contraceptive she was using since it was interfering with her weight and sexual urges.

This, they said, was the reason why there was no bedroom fire in the relationship.

What is a love spell?
To amplify love, they cast a love spell. The work of a love spell is to influence the feelings or behaviour of someone to create or enhance romantic attraction.

They also gave Damaris spells that have made Ken obsessed with her and dump his philandering ways.

How to catch a cheating partner
Is your lover cheating on you, and you want to stop them? Do you want to catch them in the act? Then Mugwenu Doctors are here to help with their catch cheating partner spells.

Their work is not to drive a wedge in relationships but to enhance trust afterwards. In case a person finds out the truth but still wants to continue with the relationship, Mugwenu Doctors have special charms that help them forget the past and write on a new page, just like it happened to Ken and Damaris.

Spells to make someone obsessed with you
Apart from catching cheating partners, Mugwenu Doctors also have spells to make someone obsessed with you. Of course, they do not interfere with free will.

All they do is align your energies so that you connect more. Mugwenu Doctors don’t encourage abusive relationships, and they don’t force people to stay where they don’t want.

Fertility spells

Another service that they have is fertility spells. Here, they help both men and women facing infertility to regain normalcy. Using their ancient herbs and charms, a barren woman can be able to conceive, and a man with sperm issues can be treated and become fertile again.

Mugwenu Doctors also have special regimens that help increase libido in both men and women. For men, Mugwenu Doctors have native concoctions from forests in India, Tanzania and Congo that have proven to increase the size of the manhood. Women love girth and size.

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