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What i Did When My Husband Secretly Married And Impregnated Two Women

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Caroline has intimaded to this publication about the struggles she’s had in her marriage and how she got off the problematic lane. She says herself and the husband met in campus and fell in love. By the time she was graduating, she was already a mother.

They moved in together and later got married. With a bright future ahead of them, they both worked hard to realize our goals. Her husband landed a good job in one of the government institutions, and this saw them moving. That wasn’t all, they were able to own a few cars also, and this in the long run changed her husband.

By the time they were moving houses, her hubby and Carol had agreed that she would stay home to look after the baby until a later age so this meant that she had to leave her job until she was enrolled in school.

However, Caroline doesn’t know if it was money or her husband had concealed his character while the two were struggling. The moment money checked in, he drastically changed. The man who used to come home early would come back past midnight and drunk.

In that process of on and off, she one day overheard him making an inquiry on the phone about a CT scan or ultrasound. At the time she wasn’t pregnant or planning to be. So she got curious and wanted to know for whom the scan was being organized.

She tried snooping in his phone but she got caught and received an unforgettable slap. That didn’t deter her, she went ahead and started making inquiries from his close friends and relatives but no one could open up and tell her what she wanted to know, she just got scanty information. So with less evidence to tie him down, she decided to keep on inquiring.

Luckily for her, he organized a come-together bash for family and friends in their house. During the event, one of his friends’ girlfriends asked how comfortable she was with a co-wife. She got curious about her question and wanted to get a clear line.

When she asked her to expound, the friend just brushed her off and told her to inquire from her relative. Eager to get the details, she approached her cousin and he confirmed.

Carol was furious! When she confronted him, surprisingly he didn’t deny it. They escalated the matter to his parents and surprisingly his parents firmly told her that polygamy is allowed in their community and if she felt uncomfortable, she was free to walk away and let those who are ready step in. At the meeting, the husband also brought another woman whom he introduced as his third wife.

She felt like the world had fallen on her. She couldn’t even contemplate anything other than separation. Immediately they returned from the village, she pondered on the way forward, shared with a friend who recommended Dr Mugwenu who would turn her fate into happiness.

Furious with more questions than answers, Carol contacted Mugwenu, a Kenya based traditional healer who got for her a lasting solution. He did this for four days and the husband came back apologizing and never went back to the co-wives.

Dr Mugwenu also heals pressure, diabetes, ulcers, gonorrhea, syphilis, TB, manhood weakness among other things. He also solves life challenges like love issues, family problems, hardships in business, winning lottery games and court cases, promotion at work and clears away devilish spirits and dreams. For Consultations, call or WhatsApp +254740637248 , Visit or email

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