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VERY PAINFUL: I Heard Her Say, Bring It On, Put More, Awo Baby, I moved Near To Listen

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It’s a painful experience when a wife cheats on you and there is nothing you can do, that’s what happened to me. Alcohol and diabetes are bad, but thank God I am now okay. I work for a Local Government as a Lord Councilor. Before I got the job, I was a farmer. I am married with 4 children and I love my wife so much.

I have been working under the influence of alcohol and there is one thing I never told my workmates and I don’t think even if I tell them they would care anyway. I am never too busy so I have a lot of time to wander around.

My first salary as a Lord councilor was above Shs1000,000. I had never handled such money before. One mistake I made was to get more friends when I started getting the money. When I was a farmer, people knew I didn’t have money, I only had two friends.

I made one mess after the other. But what almost cost my life was alcohol. I would wake up, pass through a pub and take two bottles. I then go straight to work. In the work place, my work was good for a while until alcohol consumed me.I started sleeping in a pub and sometimes skip work.

I almost lost my job thrice but since one of the Councilors was always there to defend me, I survived. I was advised by thousands of people to stop but I never listened. As they say, ‘you will reap what you sow’, the fruits of alcohol started showing out when I was diagnosed with diabetes two months ago.

This happened when I woke up one day and noticed my urine had some blood. I rushed to hospital, only to be told that I had diabetes.

Few days after I was diagnosed with the disease, my performance in bed started deteriorating. The condition worsened where I was even unable to walk upright, I also started losing sight.

At this point, I decided to quit alcohol so that the condition could improve, but to my shock, diabetes remained in my body and my performance in bed became worse than ever before. Even with the medication, I wasn’t able to satisfy my wife.

I recall one night (it was 8pm) as I was arriving from work, right in front of my gate I found my wife with my askari. The wife was making noise that made me angry,” Bring it On, Put More, Awo honey, jikube nyoo”. I never believed it was my wife sleeping with the askari. I asked, “you mean you can do this to me”. She replied, “how do you want me to survive yet you are nothing in bed”.

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